Resizer 4.1.7 - Jun-6-2017

Download source, binaries, plugins, and sample code (15MB)

  • Makes significant correctness improvements to the FastScaling engine. You may need to adjust your interpolation settings to increase perceptual sharpness.
  • Fixes memory leak in OpenCV (Faces, RedEye) by upgrading OpenCVSharp
  • Performance improvements
  • Adds performance monitoring (see /resizer.debug)
  • Adds support for remote license files and remote reporting of performance and environment/config metrics. If you are using a remote license file, check /resizer.debug to see exactly what will be reported. By using a remote license you agree to have this information logged when your license file is fetched. We will not sell this information; we primarily use it to determine the focus of our development and optimization efforts.

166 commits:…v4.1.7

Bug Fixes


  • OpenCVSharp memory leak
  • Color corruption when downscaling to 1/17th or less in FastScaling
  • Improve Async pipeline performance
  • Fix bug in Ghostscript
  • Fix FastScaling weighting
  • Add HighQualityCubic setting to WIC
  • Upgrade to libwebp 0.6.0
  • Add performance tracking
  • Improve licensing engine

(and more - this list is incomplete)

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