Resizer 3.4.3 - May 8 2014

Download source, binaries, plugins, and sample code (15MB) or Download core binary only (170K)

This release introduces the CopyMetadata plugin, and the DiagnosticJson plugin.

Please read the 3.4.0 release notes for very important guidance and upgrade instructions.

New plugins

  • The CopyMetadata plugin, when installed, allows you to copy all metadata from the source image to the destination image with &copymetadata=true.
  • The DiagnosticJson plugin allows for remote debugging of layout and rendering issues by providing the execution plan in json form. Extremely useful for unit testing.

Fixed bugs

  • AzureReader2 now works with 404Plugin. Fixes bug #28.
  • scale=down is now always respected, even when mode=crop is used. Fixes bug #12.
  • File streams returned by the RemoteReader plugin are now always seekable. Fixes bug #26.
  • For performance, the Watermark plugin will prefetch overlays prior to the actual render stage. This will prevent I/O blocking during rendering phases where high RAM consumption is required. Fixes bug #69.

New features in existing plugins

  • Add named connection string support to AzureReader2. Fixes bug #40
  • Watermark plugin now offers a 'defaultImageQuery' Web.config setting that can be used to simplify common overlay queries like scache=true. Fixes #21.

API warnings

  • protected methods ImageBuilder.buildToStream and ImageBuilder.buildToBitmap methods are obsolete and will be removed in V4. There are no known usages of these methods outside the core.

No known remaining bugs

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