Resizer 3 alpha 8 - Jun 2 2011

Download source, binaries, plugins, and sample code (15MB) or Download core binary only (170K)

Changes since alpha 7 (May 26)

API changes (core)

  • BuilderExtension/AbstractImageProcessor): Renamed OnBuildToStream to buildToStream
  • PipelineConfig: Added PreRewritePath convenience property for Items[ModifiedPathKey]
  • PathUtils: Added SetExtension, GetFullExtension, and AddExtension methods

Bug fixes (core)

  • Build(): Reading a corrupted image with Build() would cause a NullReferenceException instead of a ImageCorruptedException.
  • Build(source,settings,disposeSettings) was ignoring the 'disposeSetting' boolean. Fixed.
  • Build(LoadImage(stream),dest,settings,disposeSettings=false) was disposing the stream, due to a boolean logic error. Only affects nested LoadImage() calls such as used here.
  • buildToStream now calls plugin methods

Bug fixes (Plugins)


  • autoClean=true now works (it was just pretending to work in previous releases) Once this was discovered, many more bugs came to light and were fixed.
  • You can now configure the CleanupStrategy settings through XML. (See the DiskCache docs for details.
  • DiskCache: New behavior with last accessed times. Since NTFS doesn't update them in Vista and up, we now explicitly update the index cache when we use a file. When refreshing file info from disk, the more recent 'accessed' value is kept. To preserve the last-accessed value across app restarts, we lazily flush lastaccessedutc values to disk using the worker queue.

AnimatedGif plugin

  • Was also just pretending to work before. I somehow missed the test failure (yes, I had a manual test for it).
  • Now properly extends BuilderExtension instead of AbstractImageProcessor - so it can actually resize GIFs.
  • Uses c.CurrentImageBuilder.Build instead of this.buildToBitmap (so it actually encodes properly)
  • Now uses source.RawFormat to filter GIF images instead of checking the output type. No longer swallows ExternalException, since we've found the cause, I think.

SqlReader plugin

  • Fixed configuration bug: Setting ImageIdType would incorrectly throw an exception.
  • Behavior change: Now throws FileNotFoundException when an image doesn't exist, instead of causing a NullReferenceException later on.

Samples and Documenation

  • Added JCropExample (read the article)
  • Added SqlReaderSample - Shows how to use the SqlReader plugin to resize and upload images to SQL.
  • Added ComplexWebApplication\CropExample showing how to use jCrop with the image resizer
  • ComplexWebApplication\UploadSample.aspx now works with multiple upload controls. Added commented-out code showing how to get a byte array for upload to SQL, etc.
  • Removed 800x600 limitation on ComplexWebApplication - was accidentally left in during last release.
  • Added some more sample pics


  • Added DiskCacheWebTest for real-world testing of the DiskCache cleanup worker

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