Select your company or organization size.

  1. Include your umbrella corporation head count; licenses cover your parent corportion and its subsidiaries.
  2. Include regular independent contractors (those that have been with your organization for more than 3 months and average more than 20 hours per week).
  3. If your non-profit employs fewer than 5 people, try microenterprise pricing instead.


Imageflow, Imageflow Server, ImageResizer.Plugins.Imageflow, and ImageResizer 6+ are dual licensed under the AGPLv3 and a commercial license. Most commercial users will need a subscription license.

Commercial licenses also include source code and permit modification; most permit redistribution.

The ImageResizer v4 core library and 18 plugins in the Essential edition are free and open-source under the Apache 2 license.

All Imazen software is open-source, and your funds help (both directly, and indirectly) maintain dozens of critical low-level, permissively-licensed OSS libraries across a wide spectrum. Visit our GitHub profile to see some of the work we maintian.

If you are able to comply with the AGPL v3 and provide the public with access to the complete source code for your website/service under any AGPL v3 acceptable terms (which includes MIT, GPLv3, and Apache 2), then you may use all ImageResizer plugins for free under the terms of the AGPL v3.


Q: Are licenses perpetual?
No. They are recurring subscriptions. You can cancel at any time, and you'll continue to receive all updates for the duration of your subscription.
Q: Can I buy plugins individually?
No, and we do not make exceptions to this rule.
Q: Can I pay by check?
No, but customers in the USA can pay by bank debit (ACH). Sign up for a 30-day trial, then email [email protected] and ask for us to enable ACH on your account. You'll then be able to login to and securely enter your bank information and verify it with microtransactions. Once it's verified, you can switch to any subscription and pay by bank instead of credit card. This is all handled by Chargebee, our recurring billing partner.
Q: Can I upgrade from one license to another?
You can switch between subscriptions in your customer portal. The pricing won't reflect your discount until the last step.
Q: What can I use for free?
The Essential Edition. Check /resizer.debug to verify you're not using any paid/AGPL3 plugins.
Q: Do you have a redistribution/integration guide?
Yes, we do have information on redistributing and integrating ImageResizer.