Resizer 3.0.11 - July 29 2011

Download source, binaries, plugins, and sample code (15MB)

Changes since 3.0.10 (Jun 16)

New features

  • Added SeamCarving plugin, uses C++ CAIR.EXE underneath. Requires full trust.
  • Added RemoteReader plugin. Allows images located on external sites/servers to be processed and resized using both the URL and managed APIs.
  • ImageResizingGUI and BatchZipper are now 200KB lighter (using Ionc.Ziplib.Reduced version)
  • Build() now supports HttpPostedFileBase as a valid source.
  • Build() now supports byte[] as a valid source.
  • There are now NuGet packages for 12 of the 14 plugins. AzureReader and Watermark do not yet have NuGet packages.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in StreamUtils - was causing Build() to fail on non-seekable source streams. Added unit test.
  • The incorrect file type was being guessed for png and gif images that (a) didn't have a file extension, or (b) were loaded directly from a stream. This was also causing AnimatedGif resizing to crash completely. The source was a .NET framework bug: ImageFormat.Gif.Equals(f) evaluates to true, yet ImageFormat.Gif == f evaluates to false. Switched to using .Equals().
  • AnimatedGif plugin no longer closes the source stream incorrectly.
  • Fixed bug in LoadImage: HttpPostedFileBase stream is returned to its original position after use.
  • Fixed several bugs in Samples\ImageResizerGUI
  • Added lots of tests for new functionality

API additions

  • Added URL-safe base 64 encoding and decoding methods to PathUtils.
  • Added PolygonMath.ScaleOutside and PolygonPath.getParallelogramSize
  • Modified BuilderExtension.PreLoadImage to include path and disposeStream parameters. If you are overriding this method, you will need to change your code.
  • LoadImage now supports byte[] arrays.

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