Help and Troubleshooting

Before you contact us!

Step 1: See if your problem's already diagnosed.

We designed ImageResizer to be as easy to debug as possible. Try visiting the self-diagnostics page on your server: /resizer.debug.ashx. Then you might try enabling detailed error messages, and visiting the image URL directly.

Having trouble? Check out our guides on how to view the diagnostics page and how to enable detailed error messages.

Step 2: See if someone's encountered your problem before.

Check out a few of these helpful links.

Step 3: Make your question count.

The more specific you are, the more likely your problem will be diagnosted quickly. Here is what we absolutely need before we can help you.


  1. Your question must carry the "ImageResizer" tag so we can find it.
  2. The question includes a gist with the diagnostics page output.
  3. The question is about the URL API and follows best practices.
  4. The question is detailed enough to answer and shows some diagnostic effort (Just "It's not working" probably won't get you the answer you need)

If you have a support subscription, email [email protected]

  1. The diagnostics page output.
  2. If there is an error message, the precise error message you get when you put the image URL directly into the address bar.
  3. The name of the company your support contract is registered under.

Stack Overflow questions are usually answered within 1-2 weeks. If we take the time to provide a good answer to your question, please be courteous; mark it as the answer and vote it up. We prioritize questions from Stack Overflow users with a good reputation.