Resizer 3 alpha 5 - May 15 2011

Download source, binaries, plugins, and sample code (15MB) or Download core binary only (170K)

Changes since alpha 3 (May 2)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed rounding bug which would occasionally cause a gap between an image and its border
  • Png files are now served with the mime-type image/png instead of image/x-png. Chrome didn't support 'x-png' for individual requests.
  • Added support for GoDaddy hosting (which prevents UrlAuthorizationModule.CheckUrlAccessForPrincipal calls). If required permissions do not exist, (a) an issue will be logged, and (b) url authorization rules will not take effect.
  • All DLls now share the same version number and assembly information (except title and guid).
  • PsdPlugin loads properly now
  • Diagnostic plugin now works in Classic mode, just add ".ashx". (/resizer.debug.ashx)
  • Fixed build paths - some plugins were not building to the dlls directory

Managed API Changes

  • The SizeLimiting plugin is now installed by default! This helps protect against RAM usage DOS attacks. SizeLimiting now defaults to imageWidth=0, imageHeight=0, totalWidth=3200, totalHeight=3200. (imageWidth/Height were 1680x1680)
  • Replaced LoadImageFailed overloads with DecodeStream and DecodeStreamFailed methods. (Allows plugins to decode alternative formats more easily)
  • Replaced the Pipeline.PostAuthorizeImage event with Pipeline.AuthorizeImage. The new event allows handlers to prevent (as well as create) access denied responses by simply changing the default of "e.AllowAccess".
  • Moved exception classes to the ImageResizer root namespace.
  • Moved PathUtils to the ImageResizer.Util namespace
  • Moved SafeList and ReverseEnumerator to the Collections namespace/folder. Added ReadOnlyDictionary class.

New features

  • Added FriendlyUrls plugin
  • Added AdvancedFilters plugin
  • Added CloudFront plugin
  • Added Url rewriting example to ComplexWebApplication
  • Added SamplePlugin example to ComplexWebApplication
  • Added lots of docs
  • Watermark plugin now supports overlays that are virtual files (such as 'gradient.png')
  • Added support for modifying the path during PostAuthorizeRequest, using context.Items[Config.Current.Pipeline.ModifiedPathKey] (Enabling feature for CloudFront plugin)

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