Resizer 3.3.0 - Dec 3 2012

Download source, binaries, plugins, and sample code (15MB) or Download core binary only (170K)

This is a beta quality release. The latest stable release is 3.2.4.

Known bugs

The following bugs were not discovered in time to be fixed for this release. These bugs are not regressions; they have existed for 8-9 months, but due to rarity were not encountered or reported.

  • When using auto-cropping (mode=crop), scale=down may sometimes be ignored, acting as if scale=both was set.
  • Attempting to use srotate on CMYK(not RGB) Jpegs on Server 2008 R2 or higher will cause a "ArgumentException: Parameter is not valid.".
  • Changes to watermark settings in Web.config may require cache-breaking (or clearing) to take effect.
  • Under concurrent traffic, ASP.NET may lock partially-downloaded assemblies (for plugins with downalodNativeDependencies=true set) when running the application the first time on a new server. Call Config.Current.Plugins.LoadPlugins() from App_Start in Global.asax.cs to ensure this doesn't occur.

The November 2012 release of the Azure SDK 2.0 completely broke backwards compatibility with V1.7, meaning we can't upgrade AzureReader to support 2.0 without breaking things for existing users (which would be especially bad for NuGet users).

The solution going forwards will be to release AzureReader2, and gradually phase out support for AzureReader.

Bug fixes in Core

  • Plugin loading now blocks all requests until complete to prevent early image requests from failing.
  • Fixed bug in SizeLimits, where the totalHeight setting was never being read, instead reverting to 3200.
  • HTTP Headers: Changed default cache-control to ServerAndPrivate instead of just Private. Increased support for customizing HTTP headers under IIS Classic Mode.
  • Fixed KendoUI compatibility issue with MvcRoutingShim
  • InterceptModule now respects HttpContext.SkipAuthorization when re-applying URL auth checks:

Bug fixes in plugins

  • S3Reader: Fixed 500 error for underlying 404 and 403s.
  • RemoteReader: Added support for remote URLs with non-image extensions (defaults to fake extension used, or format setting if specified)
  • Xml:Node Added beta support for parsing/serializing element text/whitespace/entity contents.
  • FreeImage: Fixed error message "Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt." exception caused by trying to dispose an image twice.
  • FreeImage now supports 48 and 64-bit raw images, and automatically reads RAW files in display mode.
  • Faces & RedEye now dispose of loaded cascade files immediately instead of waiting on gc.

New features in plugins

  • FreeImage: Added &usepreview=true to read the embedded jpeg in raw files instead of decoding and processing them.
  • FreeImage: Added (alpha!) support for multi-page tiff, gif, and ico files to FreeImageDecoder and FreeImageBuilder.
  • AdvancedFilters: Added alpha support for edge feathering: &a.featheredges=100&a.featherin=.96&featherout=0.3
  • AdvancedFilters: Added automatic white balancing support: &a.balancewhite=true

  • Faces: Added 1-line APIs FacesPlugin.GetFacesFromImage() and FacesPlugin.GetFacesFromImageAsString()
  • Faces & RedEye plugins have been fully refactored.
  • AdvancedFilters: Implemented support for prerender filters
  • SourceMemCache now uses LockProvider to optimize concurrency and prevent duplication of effort.
  • WicEncoder: Added PNG interlace support via &interlace=true

Behavioral changes (alpha plugins only)

  • RedEye: Changed json schema slightly - rectangles now have .Accuracy instead of .accuracy, in order to match case of other members, and that of Faces.
  • Faces: Now automatically looks for 1-8 faces instead of just 1 by default.
  • FreeImage: Now decodes RAW files in display mode; this should produce better results, but may change their appearance.

New plugins

  • Added WebP Plugin for decoding and encoding WebP files (alpha). ImageResizer.Plugins.WebP.dll
  • Added MemCache plugin - Like SourceMemCache, but for output instead of input. Part of ImageResizer.Plugins.DiskCache.dll

Sample projects

  • Added Samples/_ImageStudio to replace Samples/RedEyeRemoval and Samples/ComplexWebApplication
  • Removed ComplexWebApplication, replaced it with _PluginTests
  • CustomOverlayPlugin: Now invalidates when overlay files have a modification date change - but only for physically present files (virtual files not supported).

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