Resizer 3.3.3 - March 2 2013

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S3Reader AWSSDK binding failure

Amazon silently changed their private key for AWSSDK.dll, causing widespread havoc when binding redirects couldn't be applied.

We've updated our internal copy of AWSSDK to the latest version, and we are building against Amazon's new private key.

In addition, we've modified our build scripts to prevent any version-specific or strong-named references. This should allow you to upgrade AForge, Azure, AWSSDK, NLog, and OpenCV more easily in the future.


WicDecoder: Fixed NullReferenceException when decoding certain types of images.

Release notes

Are you using the FreeImage, WebP, Faces, or RedEye plugins with downloadNativeDependencies="true"? Make sure you call Config.Current.Plugins.LoadPlugins() from Application_Start in Global.asax.cs to prevent a rare loading bug.

Not yet fixed: When using auto-cropping (mode=crop), scale=down may sometimes be ignored, acting as if scale=both was set.

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