Plugin Index

ImageResizer Essential Edition is free, and includes 19 plugins. Development of Essential edition is supported by purchases of the paid editions. You can evaluate the paid editions locally, without time-limits, as they are included in the free download. You are required to purchase a license before deploying them publicly.

Performance Edition (11 plugins)

This set of plugins gives you scalable performance, high-quality GIF, animated GIF, and 8-bit PNG support.

To see which plans include these plugins, visit the licenses page.

  • AnimatedGifs plugin - Process and resize GIF animations like normal GIF images. Every frame is processed and re-encoded.
  • FastScaling plugin - FastScaling offers the highest-quality image scaling and sharpening available. It can also be up to 43x faster than Graphics.DrawImage, the default.
  • DiskCache plugin - Makes dynamic image processing as responsive and scalable as static images - because they are! Suggested, nay, required for websites with significant traffic. Medium-trust compatible.
  • RemoteReader plugin - Allows images located on external servers to be securely resized and processed as if they existed locally.
  • BlobProviderBase plugin - Base class for creating your own blob provider
  • AzureReader2 plugin - Allows Azure Blob Storage images to be resized and served.
  • CloudFront plugin - Allows you to use Amazon CloudFront with the resizer. Highly recommended - offers inexpensive worldwide edge caching and great scalability.
  • S3Reader2 plugin - Process and resize images located on a remote Amazon S3 bucket. A VirtualPathProvider. Works best when combined with DiskCache.
  • SQLReader plugin - Process and resize images located in a MS SQL database. Extremely configurable, can work with nearly any database schema.
  • PrettyGifs plugin - Get rid of ugly .NET GIFs, and get photoshop-like results for GIFs and 8-bit PNG images. Uses tuned octree quantization and smart, adjustable dithering.

Creative Edition (11 + 13 plugins)

With the Creative Edition, you have access to a comprehensive imaging suite.

Includes all pluugins from the Performance and Essential editions.

  • Bring clarity to your photos with the unsharp mask, white balance adjustment, and noise removal tools.
  • Apply sophisticated filters to give your photos the right look.
  • Design multiple text and image overlays, backgrounds, and watermarks for branding purposes.
  • Trim excess whitespace from your product photos - automatically.

  • Change image aspect ratio - without distortion or cropping - with energy-aware seam carving.
  • Process RAW, CR2, NEF, and PSD files from your web browser.
  • Get a 2-4x speed boost with the WicBuilder pipeline, for a slight quality penalty.

To see which plans include these plugins, visit the licenses page.

  • AdvancedFilters plugin - Blur, sharpen, remove noise, and perform automatic histogram adjustment. Plus several other cool effects.
  • Watermark plugin - Render multiple image & text overlays and background layers with incredible flexibility and great performance.
  • WIC Plugins - 3 plugins: WicDecoder supports decoding images through WIC, supporting any image codecs installed on the computer. WicEncoder encodes jpeg, gif, and png images through WIC for better performance and more control. Adjust jpeg quality, subsampling, gif dithering, and palette size. WicBuilder provides a completely alternate pipeline, which supports most basic resize/crop/pad operations. 2-4x faster than the default pipeline. Enable on a per-request basis.
  • FreeImage Plugins - Includes 4 plugins: FreeImageDecoder adds support for RAW & HDR source images - over 20 formats supported. FreeImageEcoder provides 2-4x Faster jpeg encoding. FreeImageResizer adds support for Lanczos3 and CatmullRom scaling. FreeImageBuilder provides an alternate imaging pipeline.
  • WhitespaceTrimmer plugin - Automatically trims whitespace off an image using smart edge detection.
  • CopyMetadata plugin - Preserve metadata during image processing.
  • SimpleFilters plugin - Adjust photo transparency, brightness, and apply sepia and B&W filters through the querystring. Nearly zero performance overhead - matrix-based.
  • SeamCarving plugin - Content-aware image resizing.

Elite Edition (11 + 13 + 6 plugins)

Includes all plugins from the Creative, Performance, and Essential editions.

To see which plans include these plugins, visit the licenses page.

  • BatchZipper plugin - Asynchronously generated .zip archives of files and resized images. Great for providing customized downloads to customers.
  • Faces plugin - Provides face detection
  • PsdComposer - Dynamically edit and render PSD files - turn layers on and off, edit text layer contents, and apply certain effects.
  • PsdReader plugin - Adds support for PSD source files.
  • WebP plugins - Decode and encode .webp images
  • CropAround plugin - Automatic cropping based on a set of areas to preserve specified areas.
  • FFmpeg Plugin - Extract frames from videos by time or percentage. Includes basic blank frame avoidance. Based on ffmpeg.
  • RedEye plugin - Provides sophisticated eye detection and red eye correction
  • MongoReader plugin - Allows GridFS files to be resized and served

Essential Edition (17 plugins) - free

Except for PdfRenderer, which is under a different license due to its use of (A)GPL components, all of the plugins in this edition are released under the Freedom license (for v3) or the Apache license for v4.

Everything here can be found in the free download.

Logging, MvcRoutingShim, and PdfRenderer are separate DLLs (due to extra dependencies), but all the rest are found in ImageResizer.dll in the ImageResizer.Plugins.Basic namespace.

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