Custom plugin development


Imazen offers custom plugin development services to all open source and Support Contract customers.

As the authors of the library we have unique in-depth knowledge, and can create future-proof, scalable solutions you won't get elsewhere. We're extremely cost-effective; our code is high quality and we never waste your time.


Support contracts include between 1 and 10 hours of custom coding per year. While a tiny change can sometimes be implemented, documented, tested, and released in a single hour, the average improvement requires 3 hours, and the average custom plugin requires 8 hours.

  • Support contract customers receive a discounted hourly rate and are not subject to any job minimums.
  • Pre-payment of the estimated amount is required for all customers prior to beginning work.
  • We cannot reserve your time slot until we receive payment; it serves as a retainer to ensure both parties are available during the agreed time period to communicate and complete the project.


All custom plugins developed are released to you under the Enterprise license; we retain all rights except those provided by the aforementioned license.

Many custom plugins are selected for redistribution and indefinite maintenance as part of an ImageResizer edition, meaning you can generally look forward to new features and improved performance in your custom plugin over time, and even getting updates through NuGet.

In addition, the software may also be licensed to you (and the public) under the Freedom license or Apache 2 license if the custom software is deemed appropriately generic to be included in the Essential Edition.


  1. Post your plugin/enhancement idea on the UserVoice site and encourage others to vote for it. This can take months to years, but won't cost you anything.
  2. Develop it yourself, using our extensive documentation, and contribute it back to the community. We assist contributors with maintenance, documentation, and compatibility.