Performance Edition

This package gives you scalable performance, high-quality GIF, animated GIF, and 8-bit PNG support.

When purchased as the Performance Edition (under the Domain license), you are allowed to use the plugins on one registered domain and any subdomains. If purchased with the Elite Edition or Support Contracts, you do not need to register your domains.

  • CloudFront plugin - Allows you to use Amazon CloudFront with the resizer. Highly recommended - offers inexpensive worldwide edge caching and great scalability.
  • AzureReader2 plugin - Allows Azure Blob Storage images to be resized and served.
  • BlobProviderBase plugin - Base class for creating your own blob provider
  • SQLReader plugin - Process and resize images located in a MS SQL database. Extremely configurable, can work with nearly any database schema.
  • RemoteReader plugin - Allows images located on external servers to be securely resized and processed as if they existed locally.
  • S3Reader2 plugin - Process and resize images located on a remote Amazon S3 bucket. A VirtualPathProvider. Works best when combined with DiskCache.
  • DiskCache plugin - Makes dynamic image processing as responsive and scalable as static images - because they are! Suggested, nay, required for websites with significant traffic. Medium-trust compatible.
  • FastScaling plugin - FastScaling offers the highest-quality image scaling and sharpening available. It can also be up to 43x faster than Graphics.DrawImage, the default.
  • PrettyGifs plugin - Get rid of ugly .NET GIFs, and get photoshop-like results for GIFs and 8-bit PNG images. Uses tuned octree quantization and smart, adjustable dithering.
  • AnimatedGifs plugin - Process and resize GIF animations like normal GIF images. Every frame is processed and re-encoded.

Also includes plugins from the Essential edition:

  • VirtualFolder plugin - Create an IIS-like virtual folder that works in Cassini as well as IIS, and doesn't require IIS configuration.
  • IEPngFix plugin - Automatically serve GIF versions of PNG files to IE6 and below clients. Opt-in or opt-out, very configurable.
  • PdfiumRenderer plugin - Render PDFs to images
  • DiagnosticJson plugin -
  • Drop Shadow plugin - Adds drop-shadow feature (shadowOffset, shadowWidth, shadowColor).
  • FolderResizeSyntax plugin - Resize images without using the query string.
  • Image404 plugin - Supply default images instead of a 404 when an image is missing.
  • Gradient plugin - Create gradients from css, js, or html: /gradient.png?color1=FFFFFFAA&color2=BBBBBB99&width=10&width=10&rotate=90.
  • PdfRenderer (New in V3.1.3) - Render PDFs to images dynamically, then crop or process them as an image.
  • Diagnostics plugin - (default) - Whenever you have an issue, go to localhost/resizer.debug and you'll probably be told what is wrong.
  • Custom Overlay plugin -
  • Presets plugin - Created named settings groups and reference them with ?preset=name instead of specifying them all in the URL.
  • SpeedOrQuality - Gain a 15-30% speed boost by sacrificing rendering quality.
  • DefaultEncoder - (default) Adjustable jpeg compression, 24-bit PNG with transparency support, and standard (poor) .NET GIF encoding.
  • MvcRoutingShim plugin - Prevent System.Routing from taking over the ImageResizer's requests.
  • AutoRotate plugin (deprecated, built-in) - Use the EXIF rotation data from the camera to auto-rotate your images.
  • TinyCache plugin -
  • DefaultSettings plugin - Allows you to configure the default setting values when commands (like `scale`) are omitted.
  • ImageHandlerSyntax plugin - Migrate websites from other image resizing handlers without breaking any URLs.
  • SizeLimiting plugin - (default)- Limit maximum resolution of photos, or the total size of all processed images.
  • ClientCache plugin - (default) - Sets Cache-control, Expires, and Last-modified headers for optimum performance.