Performance Edition

This set of plugins gives you scalable performance, high-quality GIF, animated GIF, and 8-bit PNG support.

To see which plans include these plugins, visit the licenses page.

  • AnimatedGifs plugin - Process and resize GIF animations like normal GIF images. Every frame is processed and re-encoded.
  • FastScaling plugin - FastScaling offers the highest-quality image scaling and sharpening available. It can also be up to 43x faster than Graphics.DrawImage, the default.
  • DiskCache plugin - Makes dynamic image processing as responsive and scalable as static images - because they are! Suggested, nay, required for websites with significant traffic. Medium-trust compatible.
  • RemoteReader plugin - Allows images located on external servers to be securely resized and processed as if they existed locally.
  • BlobProviderBase plugin - Base class for creating your own blob provider
  • AzureReader2 plugin - Allows Azure Blob Storage images to be resized and served.
  • CloudFront plugin - Allows you to use Amazon CloudFront with the resizer. Highly recommended - offers inexpensive worldwide edge caching and great scalability.
  • S3Reader2 plugin - Process and resize images located on a remote Amazon S3 bucket. A VirtualPathProvider. Works best when combined with DiskCache.
  • SQLReader plugin - Process and resize images located in a MS SQL database. Extremely configurable, can work with nearly any database schema.
  • PrettyGifs plugin - Get rid of ugly .NET GIFs, and get photoshop-like results for GIFs and 8-bit PNG images. Uses tuned octree quantization and smart, adjustable dithering.

Also includes plugins from the Essential edition:

  • DiagnosticJson plugin -
  • Presets plugin - Created named settings groups and reference them with ?preset=name instead of specifying them all in the URL.
  • PdfRenderer (New in V3.1.3) - Render PDFs to images dynamically, then crop or process them as an image.
  • Diagnostics plugin - (default) - Whenever you have an issue, go to localhost/resizer.debug and you'll probably be told what is wrong.
  • PdfiumRenderer plugin - Render PDFs to images
  • ImageHandlerSyntax plugin - Migrate websites from other image resizing handlers without breaking any URLs.
  • TinyCache plugin -
  • IEPngFix plugin - Automatically serve GIF versions of PNG files to IE6 and below clients. Opt-in or opt-out, very configurable.
  • Drop Shadow plugin - Adds drop-shadow feature (shadowOffset, shadowWidth, shadowColor).
  • FolderResizeSyntax plugin - Resize images without using the query string.
  • VirtualFolder plugin - Create an IIS-like virtual folder that works in Cassini as well as IIS, and doesn't require IIS configuration.
  • MvcRoutingShim plugin - Prevent System.Routing from taking over the ImageResizer's requests.
  • Gradient plugin - Create gradients from css, js, or html: /gradient.png?color1=FFFFFFAA&color2=BBBBBB99&width=10&width=10&rotate=90.
  • DefaultSettings plugin - Allows you to configure the default setting values when commands (like `scale`) are omitted.
  • AutoRotate plugin (deprecated, built-in) - Use the EXIF rotation data from the camera to auto-rotate your images.
  • SpeedOrQuality - Gain a 15-30% speed boost by sacrificing rendering quality.
  • SizeLimiting plugin - (default)- Limit maximum resolution of photos, or the total size of all processed images.
  • DefaultEncoder - (default) Adjustable jpeg compression, 24-bit PNG with transparency support, and standard (poor) .NET GIF encoding.
  • ClientCache plugin - (default) - Sets Cache-control, Expires, and Last-modified headers for optimum performance.
  • Custom Overlay plugin -
  • Image404 plugin - Supply default images instead of a 404 when an image is missing.