SpeedOrQuality (v3.1+)

Gain a 15-30% speed boost by sacrificing rendering quality.


  1. Add <add name="SpeedOrQuality" /> to the <plugins> section.


Add &speed=value to any image URL.

Value chart

  • 0 - Highest quality
  • 1 - High quality bilinear, but with low quality pixel offset, smoothing, composing, and compositing quality.
  • 2 - Low quality bilinear
  • 3 - GetThumbnailImage() is used. This can produce extremely bad (but instant) results when an image has an embedded EXIF thumbnail (most cameras embed these).


Resizing is usually the least expensive part of image resizing - jpeg decoding and encoding take most of the time. This plugin can sometimes speed up resizing by 1.5-3x (or more if there is a thumbnail image and you are using &speed=3), but it probably doesn't matter much - the overall savings are likely less than 20%.

This plugin (SpeedOrQuality (v3.1+)) is part of the Essential edition

Where is the plugins section?

The <plugins> section is located in Web.config, and is nested inside the <resizer> element, which is nested inside <configuration>. For examples, see this sample Web.config file.

Where can I find the dll?

We prefer that you install via NuGet, but you can also find the plugin DLL files in the /dlls/release folder of your download.

How do I typically install a plugin via Web.Config?

  1. In Visual Studio, right click on your project and choose "Add reference". Browse to the plugin DLL and click "OK".
  2. In the <plugins> section of Web.config, insert <add name="PluginName" />
  3. Look at the plugin documentation to see what configuration options (if any) are available.

How do I typically install a plugin via code?