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Where to go

ImageResizer is developed in the open on GitHub. We happily accept and test any correctly licensed pull requests we receive against the 'develop' branch. We also try to promote third-party plugins.

We try to track and support seamless integration with a wide range of CMSes, WYSIYG editors, and media tooling; but this is an area that we are quite dependent upon community (your!) expertise and support. We cannot be experts in all tools and all CMSes.

Our open plugin model makes it simple to add server-side functionality, and our rigorously standardized and backwards-compatible URL API (along with our client-side wrappers) make it easy to integrate on the front-end.

Also, check out the Redistribution and CMS Integration Guide if you're interested in redistributing ImageResizer with your product. We provide priority assistance to other open-source projects using ImageResizer.

Community Support

Many ImageResizer users monitor Stack Overflow for questions tagged imageresizer (300+), and may answer your question before we can get to it.

Please be courteous; vote good answers up, and mark them as accepted. Make sure your questions include a gist with the diagnostics page output, and you've included all relevant details and detailed error messages. It's best to register and select a username instead of posting anonymously; anonymous posts are often considered spam.

We strongly suggest reading the support page before posting, as nearly all common mistakes are explained there.

Confirmed bugs should also be reported via GitHub issues.

Community Plugins & Extensions

We try to maintain a complete list of all plugins and CMS modules based on ImageResizer.

Umbraco Packages & Kits

Orchard Modules

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There are also over 300 Stack Overflow posts about ImageResizer.