Installing A Plugin Manually

Manual Plugin Installation

  1. In your project, add a reference to the plugin DLL (or project, if you're using the source).
  2. Configure the plugin to be installed at startup via (i) or (ii).
    1. In the <plugins /> section of Web.config, insert <add name="PluginName" />
    2. In Application_Start, create an instance of the plugin and install it.
  new PluginName().Install(ImageResizer.Configuration.Config.Current);

You will need to add the appropriate namespace reference to access the plugin.

Most configuration and plugin installation issues can be resolved by checking ImageResizer’s self-diagnostics page. If your local website is running at http://localhost:5000/, then you should browse to http://localhost:5000/resizer.debug.ashx to access it. See the Troubleshooting for more details.