Microenterprise Pricing for Imageflow and ImageResizer

Exclusively for companies and organizations with fewer than 5 employees and gross revenue below $250,000/quarter USD. Smaller/larger? Include parent companies and their subsidiaries in the employee count.

Unlimited servers, instances, and domains. One flat rate, one license key for your entire org, for ImageResizer, Imageflow, and Imageflow Server combined.

Reduce your risk and cost, improve your site performance/revenue, and innovate faster with our cutting-edge image processing and delivery platforms. We've maintained URL compatibility for longer than most image SaaS companies have existed, across 15 years of rewrites and updates. Adding ?width=300 (etc) is so intuitive, it's almost invisible. We build with Rust and C#, and put security ahead of features and gimmicks. [email protected] goes straight the lead developer, so you can count on stability being prioritized. It's all open-source: avoid vendor-lock in, unpredictable fees, and compliance issues (host anywhere, achieve any security needs) with a single flat yearly rate. Deployment costs are minimal; we provide Docker images, Dockerfiles, NuGet packages, and templates. Our incredible security and reliability record means no weekend calls. And we're here to help you migrate from your current provider without breaking any URLs (hopefully - some vendors really lock you in).

Elite + Email support

$120.00/month billed yearly

    All Elite Edition features, plus:
  • 10 email support incidents per month
  • Onboarding call and media architecture review with our dev team (up to 30 minutes)
  • Send us some of your photos and we'll generate a side-by-side to help you choose the best compression balance for your needs.
  • Get a quick performance review of your site so you know what to change for the biggest, easiest wins.
  • Maximum response time of 3 business days
— or —

Elite Edition Enterprise-wide

$60.00/month billed yearly

    All Performance Edition features, plus:
  • Imageflow Orchestrate (coming soon) - Self-deploys, self-configures, and self-heals on AWS and Azure. Blend server and serverless scaling to minimize costs without limiting scalability.
  • For ImageResizer 4 and below: Watermarks, face detection, smart whitespace cropping, face detection, and image filtering.
  • For ImageResizer 5 and above: all supported features unlocked (not all v4 features are supported in v5 yet)
  • View ImageResizer 4 and below plugin list
— or —

Performance Edition Enterprise

$40.00/month billed yearly

Cut load times for ANY site or app with our cutting-edge compression and maximum-fidelity imaging engine. Innovate instantly with on-demand image modification; no build steps, no batch processing required.
  • Includes Imageflow (built in Rust) and bindings to many languages for in-process use on Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • Includes Imageflow Server (built with .NET 6 and 8) and Docker images for 'microservice' deployment, as well as NuGet packages for 'monolith' inclusion within a ASP.NET 6+ app.
  • Includes ImageResizer Perfomance Edition (built with .NET 4.8, Windows-only) for use in .NET Framework applications (or as a standalone app).
  • Includes Imageflow Tool (built in Rust) for command-line and scripted use.
  • Increase product appeal with our novel smart sharpening and resizing enhancement engine. Smart-crop whitespace or add watermarks with ease.
  • Achieve incredible file sizes and fidelity, with cutting-edge compression algorithms for WebP, JPEG, GIF, and PNG files.
  • Use source files from Azure, Amazon S3, remote HTTP servers, or disk and get variants instantly.
  • Cache to cloud (in preview), memory, and disk with our 10th gen cache database engine. Just Works with any CDN for additional edge caching.
  • Extensible with C#; supports custom authorization, authentication, and watermarking rules.
ImageResizer (prior to v5) does not include all of the above features: See the ImageResizer v4 plugin/feature list.
— or —

You can always change your billing interval, product edition, and add/remove support at account.imazen.io. request[:org][:coupon] | You coupon code will be applied on the final step. Use coupon MICRO_ENTERPRISE_ONLY

All plans are recurring and will charge your card at the specified interval until canceled.

Need help? Email [email protected]

Redistribution with custom software is free. Add $80.00/month to distribute with a product (contact us).

Reselling usage? 4 SaaS server licenses included. Extras are $70.00/month (Performance) or $100.00/month (Elite).

Existing customer? Sign in to the customer portal to switch between e-mail support ($60.00/month), 24/7 phone support ($599.00/month), and StackOverflow ($0).

What's the difference between our licensing models?

Enterprise-wide Per-Server Add-on OEM Add-on
✓ Unlimited instances ✓ Unlimited instances ✓ Unlimited instances
✓ Unlimited projects ✓ Unlimited projects ★ 1 product
✓ Unlimited servers ★ Adjustable quantity; each covers 4 cores ✓ Unlimited servers
✓ Unlimited domain names ✓ Unlimited domain names ✓ Unlimited domain names
★ Usage resale (SaaS usage) limited to 4 servers, 16 cores ✓ You can resell usage ✗ Not applicable
✓ Redistribute with custom software you develop (shared license key) ✗ Not applicable ✓ Redistribute (sublicense) with your software product (shared license key)
★ Restricted to the licensee, subsidiaries, and sublicensees ✓ Unrestricted ★ Restricted to the licensee, subsidiaries, and sublicensees
★ Best value; start here Flat per-server rate ★ Great for redistribution
Performance: $40.00/month billed yearly
Elite: $60.00/month billed yearly
Performance: $70.00/month per 4 core server
Elite: $100.00/month per 4 core server.
Contact [email protected] to purchase.
Contact [email protected] to purchase.


Imageflow, Imageflow Server, ImageResizer.Plugins.Imageflow, and ImageResizer 6+ are dual licensed under the AGPLv3 and a commercial license. Most commercial users will need a subscription license.

Commercial licenses also include source code and permit modification; most permit redistribution.

The ImageResizer v4 core library and 18 plugins in the Essential edition are free and open-source under the Apache 2 license.

All Imazen software is open-source, and your funds help (both directly, and indirectly) maintain dozens of critical low-level, permissively-licensed OSS libraries across a wide spectrum. Visit our GitHub profile to see some of the work we maintian.

If you are able to comply with the AGPL v3 and provide the public with access to the complete source code for your website/service under any AGPL v3 acceptable terms (which includes MIT, GPLv3, and Apache 2), then you may use all ImageResizer plugins for free under the terms of the AGPL v3.


Q: Are licenses perpetual?
No. They are recurring subscriptions. You can cancel at any time, and you'll continue to receive all updates for the duration of your subscription.
Q: Can I buy plugins individually?
No, and we do not make exceptions to this rule.
Q: Can I pay by check?
No, but customers in the USA can pay by bank debit (ACH). Sign up for a 30-day trial, then email [email protected] and ask for us to enable ACH on your account. You'll then be able to login to account.imazen.io and securely enter your bank information and verify it with microtransactions. Once it's verified, you can switch to any subscription and pay by bank instead of credit card. This is all handled by Chargebee, our recurring billing partner.
Q: Can I upgrade from one license to another?
You can switch between subscriptions in your customer portal. The pricing won't reflect your discount until the last step.
Q: What can I use for free?
The Essential Edition. Check /resizer.debug to verify you're not using any paid/AGPL3 plugins.
Q: Do you have a redistribution/integration guide?
Yes, we do have information on redistributing and integrating ImageResizer.