V2 to V3 migration guide

  1. Purchase the v3 Performance Edition. .
  2. Back up your project, or at least the Web.Config file, /bin, and /App_Code/ImageResizer folders.
  3. Delete your /imagecache/ folder.
  4. With version 2, did you customize CustomFolders.cs or WatermarkSettings.cs? Follow the links for instructions.
  5. Remove the old ImageResizer.dll reference and/or the App_Code\ImageResizer folder.
  6. Add the following dlls to your project, from the dlls\release\ folder in the purchased download.
    • ImageResizer.dll
    • ImageResizer.Plugins.DiskCache.dll
    • ImageResizer.Plugins.PrettyGifs.dll
    • ImageResizer.Plugins.AnimatedGifs.dll (optional, only if you resize animated gifs)
  7. Migrate your web.config file settings.