From Scott Hanselman, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft:

Scott Hanselman, Hanselminutes Show #313

… Just to be clear to the listener, I reached out to Nathanael, and I'm talking about his product because I think it's amazing and awesome, and I've talked about it before on the blog. He's not an advertiser, this is me, Scott, saying that this is a rocking awesome library. He's got a really, really great license for both open source and commercial. And you can even talk to Nathanael and have him look at your architecture for a very reasonable fee. And you can check out all his content at imageresizing.net.

From Craig Boal at Sierra Trading Post

We have 8 years working knowledge of dynamic image resizing software, and the majority of that time was spent working with industry-leading products such as Adobe Scene7 and eRez. ImageResizer is what we’ve found to best serve our customers’ needs – installation was a breeze, support is impeccable, and the price tag much more reasonable. I highly recommend ImageResizer for any dynamic imaging needs.

Craig Boal
Web Development Manager
Sierra Trading Post
Top 100 Internet Retailer

From Eric Stubbs at uGurus

Dynamic image manipulation in .NET is a complicated problem to solve. With so many half-baked and incomplete solutions out there, it was very tempting to roll our own. Thankfully we found Nathanael's ImageResizer first. It not only eliminated our "Not Invented Here" syndrome and saved us 100s of development hours, but we can use it with confidence that it was designed and built correctly.

  • Erick Stubbs, CTO, uGurus

From Eilev Hagen at InCreo

Handling images in various formats is a daily challenge in our projects. Using the ImageResizer saves valuable time. We don't have to use effort creating different sizes or dealing with optimization, it just works. This library is strongly recommended.

  • Eilev Hagen, System developer, InCreo Interactive Creations

From Dorian Collier at De/esea

We've used Nathanael's Image Resizer on a variety of projects, both small and large. It's fast, reliable, robust, easy to use, and a HUGE time saver. I can easily say that we've gotten more bang-for-the-buck from it than anything else we've purchased in the past 5 years.

Here's some of our work that uses it: http://homgroup.com, http://turbo140.com, and of course our own website http://deesea.com

Thanks Nathanael for creating such a wonderful product.

- Dorian

From Brice Long, owner of Blue Fin Solutions (the first person to purchase V3)


Thank you so very much for your prompt and superb service! Your updates worked perfectly and we have now been able to launch the site (www.johnstonbuilders.com). The client is ecstatic with our final product and your ImageResizer was a critical part. Great product and great service, can’t ask for anything better!!

My Best,

Brice Long

Owner, Blue Fin Solutions

From Jonathan Awotwi

Nathanael Jones' image resizer is used to handle cropping and other manipulation for all user uploaded images related to profiles and dating groups, on our dating website:


A major modification made on our behalf was the ability to handle files located on Amazon's S3 cloud server. Overall Nathan is one of the most professional people I've worked with, beating his own delivery estimates at a time when he had a lot of other stuff going on, not to mention his component is flawlessly executed.


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