Blissfully compatible with practically everything

ImageResizer v3 is compatible with Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and Mono; it uses .NET 2.0. ImageResizer v4 requires .NET 4.5.

Image Storage Backends

Content Management Systems

All known ASP.NET content management systems support ImageResizer in embedded mode. Ruby, Python, or PHP content management systems (such as Wordpress) should use Standalone mode.

If your CMS isn't listed here, you can follow the vanilla ASP.NET installation instructions.

Over 30 CMSes include ImageResizer Essential edition - don't be surprised if your CMS already has it installed.

Want to redistribute ImageResizer with your product? Check out the Redistribution and CMS Integration Guide.

Content Delivery Networks

  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Azure CDN
  • CDNConnect
  • Turbobytes
  • Akami
  • MaxCDN
  • NetDNA
  • BitGravity
  • Level3
  • Limelight
  • Voxel

Any true CDN (true CDNs support origin-pull) is compatible with ImageResizer. Be sure to enable querystring preservation, or use ImageResizer's semicolon syntax instead.

Rackspace Cloud Files is not a CDN. If you'd like them to become one, you can vote for custom origin support here.

Supported output formats

  • 24-bit JPEG
  • 32-bit PNG
  • 8-bit PNG (with PrettyGifs plugin)
  • GIF (still and animated)
  • 24 and 32-bit WebP, both lossy and lossless

Supported input formats

  • JPEG (24-bit, 48-bit, and grayscale)
  • PNG (24, 32, and 8-bit)
  • GIF (still and animated)
  • BMP, WMF, and EMF

With additional plugins

  • WebP (with WebP plugin)
  • RAW, CR2, NEF, RAF, DNG, MOS, KDC, DCR (With FreeImageDecoder)
  • XBM, XPM, TARGA, SGI, Sun RAS, PSD, PICT, PNG, PFM, PBM, PGM, PPM, PCX, MNG, Kodak PhotoCD, KOALA, JPEG-2000, JIF, JNG, IFF, ICO, Raw Fax G3, EXR, DDS, and Dr. Halo CUT
  • With WicDecoder, any image supported by the operating system's installed codecs can be loaded

Hosting providers

Ensure your provider offers full trust. ASP.NET no longer supports Medium or Partial Trust environments.

  • AppHarbor
  • Azure
  • Amazon EC2
  • MaximumASP
  • RackSpace (Full-trust only - they have a bad medium trust configuration)

By 2011, we successfully eliminated all hosting-provider related incompatibilities - at least we no longer get any complaints. If you encounter any issues, let us know! Read more about hosting providers.

Host Operating Systems

      Windows Server 2008 SP2
      Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
      Windows Server 2012
      Windows Server 2012 R2
      Windows Server 10
      Windows Vista SP2
      Windows 7
      Windows 8, 8.1
      Windows 10

Web servers

  • IIS 7
  • IIS 7.5
  • IIS 8
  • IIS 8.5
  • IIS Express

.NET Framework Editions

  • .NET 4.5
  • .NET 4.6