Help us make ImageResizer better

Time marches on, and we here at ImageResizer are already looking ahead to see how we can improve our product in version 4.0.

We're at the very start of what's sure to be a long journey. Tears may be shed; birthdays may be forgotten; Netflix cues may be ignored, but we are determined to keep going until ImageResizer is better, faster, and even more suited to your needs.

That's right; we said your needs. In order to do that, however, we need your help. If you could spare a moment (perhaps while you're procrastinating on that project. You know the one.) and let us know how you or your company is using ImageResizer out there in the real world, we can get to work making your life easier.

Not that we're trying to guilt you into it or anything. Although you did forget all of our birthdays last year. But it's no big deal, really. We're not upset (anymore).

— Liz Certa

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