SeamCarving plugin

Provides content-aware image resizing and 5 different algorithms.

Based on the CAIR (v2.19) library.

This plugin requires full trust to work. On 32-bit PNG images, the alpha channel is reduced to a single bit. Works best with jpeg and gif images.

For live examples, see this page.

Algorithm choices

  • carve=true
  • carve=prewitt
  • carve=v1
  • carve=vsquare
  • carve=sobel
  • carve=laplacian

Example use:



Either run Install-Package ImageResizer.Plugins.SeamCarving in the NuGet package manager, or:

  1. Add ImageResizer.Plugins.SeamCarving.dll to your project
  2. Add <add name="SeamCarving" /> inside <resizer><plugins></plugins></resizer> in Web.config.