Support Contracts

Support Contracts are no longer available. OEM and SaaS licenses are now available separately.



This support contract includes a permanent, Enterprise-wide Elite license. You will be able to continue using the product after your subscription expires. While your support contract is active, you will receive free upgrades to all software included in your license. Major releases published after your contract expires are not included.

This contract also includes an inactive OEM/SaaS license. To activate this license, you must contact us to agree on a scope for your project.

Features include:

-Maximum email/phone response time in 2 business hours.

-Hotfixes provided within 2 business days

-All employees within your organization have access to our development team via email, phone, TeamViewer, or StackOverflow.

-Employees and contractors working for your organization have access to unlimited priority email, phone, and screen-sharing support incidents.

  • Employees and contractors working for your organization have access to unlimited emergency email, phone, and screen-sharing support incidents.
Gold Tier
Duration6 months 12 months
Price$10000 USD  $18000 USD  
Discount 10%
Business Hours Incidentsunlimited unlimited
Emergency Incidents3unlimited unlimited
Architecture/Q&A/Preventative Consulting5 hours 5 hours
Custom Development5 hours 10 hours
Assisted Installs5 10

Smaller print

  1. To access emergency support, you must use the private emergency email and phone numbers provided to you, and indicate you wish to use an emergency support incident. Outside business hours, our development team cannot always be reached through the public contact channels.
  2. To access priority support, you must use the private email address provided to you, or your request will not be routed to the urgent support channel.
  3. Consulting hours, Custom Development hours, Emergency Incidents, and Assisted installations roll over to the next year (and the next contract) as long as the contract is continually renewed on time.
  4. Priority support requests submitted late on a Friday may not be answered until the following Monday.
  5. Support services are not available until payment clears, regardless of other billing terms.
  6. We reserve the right to cancel and pro-rata refund any support contract (we've never had to do this). Refunds shall exlcude the price of an Elite license, which you will retain.
  7. Our international development team works in both European and U.S. time zones; posted business hours may change due to developer availability.
  8. Hotfix response times are relative to identification of the issue, not to the beginning of the diagnostic process (which is generally only a few hours). Some flaws may be outside of our direct control, such as in third-party or operating-system components, and workarounds may not always be possible within the given time frame. We always endeavor to exceed the speed of our posted response times, but these times are not absolute guarantees. If at any time you feel we are not meeting your quality expectations, you can request a prorated refund. All services are provided on a best-effort basis, and do not constitute a legal warranty or guarantee of any kind; please consult the Enterprise license for details.
  9. Additional emergency support incidents may be purchased for $3,500 each. By contacting emergency support outside of business hours, you agree to either debit your quota of emergency support incidents or pay separately for the utilized incident. It is your responsibility to verify you have remaining emergency support incidents prior to using the emergency hotline.
  10. Separately purchased emergency or priority support incidents are not subject to the same initial response time.