Support Contracts

Support Contracts are no longer available. OEM and SaaS licenses are now available separately.


Elite EditionBronzeSilverGoldOEM/SaaS
Startup/IndividualStartupSmall BusinessEnterpriseStartup
6 Months$849 USD  $949 USD  $3000 USD  $10000 USD  

Not Available

1 Year$849 USD  $1500 USD  $5000 USD  $18000 USD  $2800 USD  
Licenses and Upgrades
Permanent elite license
Includes OEM/SaaS license1
Major upgrades during subscription
Early access to new plugins and releases
Email Support
Community Support at StackOverflow
48-hour response time2
6-hour response time3
Rapid 2 hour response time3
Hot-fix response time
7 Business Days
2 Business Days
Phone/Teamviewer Support
Employees Supported 1 unlimited unlimited 1
Business Hours Incidents 1 per month unlimited unlimited 1 per month
Emergency Incidents4 1 per year unlimited
Architecture Planning/Q&A 30 minutes per year 2 hours per year 5 hours per year 2 hours per year
Custom Development 1 hour per year 3 hours per year 10 hours per year 0 minutes per year
Assisted Installs 2 per year 5 per year 10 per year
  • [1] The OEM/SaaS license is considered non-active until the user contacts us to agree on a scope for their project.
  • [2] 48-hour response time available Monday - Friday.
  • [3] Response times require use of the correct email/phone contact channels.
  • [4] Emergency Support Incidents are those that require assistance outside normal business hours.