Redistributable Licenses

These licenses will shortly be discontinued. Our new subscription licenses are not version-restricted, not tied to domain names, and can be purchased with support.



    Includes all Performance and Creative features, plus:
  • DRM-free Enterprise-wide license to all plugins
  • Automatic and manual red-eye detection and correction
  • Face detection and smart cropping
  • Batch processing and .zip file creation





    This includes an Elite license and an SaaS usage license. A scope agreement for SaaS usage is required.

Domain Licenses

Domain licenses will shortly be discontinued. Our new subscription licenses are not version-restricted, not tied to domain names, and can be purchased with support.



  • RESTful URL-based Imaging API
  • Mirrored URL and Managed APIs
  • Intuitively crop, resize, rotate, flip, constrain and encode
  • Render PDFs into images
  • 19 plugins cover most common tasks
  • Includes TinyCache for small websites



    Includes all Essential Features, plus:
  • Free minor version upgrades
  • FastScaling engine for 4-10x better performance.
  • Disk + Memory input/output caching for terabytes of images
  • SQL, Azure, and Amazon S3 support
  • 8-bit PNG/GIF & animated GIF processing
  • Secure remote image processing
  • 1 Wildcard domain license. Must be a valid public-facing domain. Image requests must reach ImageResizer with a matching HOST header. An Elite license is required for load-balanced, proxied (such as behind a CDN), or clustered deployments of ImageResizer.



    Includes all Performance features, plus:
  • Flexible image and watermark overlay support
  • Image filtering suite
  • Advanced file format support (PSD, CR2, CNG, etc.)
  • Smart whitespace removal (great for product photos!)
  • Metadata preservation


The ImageResizer core library and 18 plugins in the Essential edition are free and open-source. In version 4, they are provided under the Apache 2 license; in v3 they are provided under the Resizer Freedom license.

Development of ImageResizer is funded by our commerical licenses (Performance, Creative, Elite, OEM, and SaaS). All licenses include source code and permit modification; most permit some redistribution.

All Imazen software is open-source, and your funds help (both directly, and indirectly) maintain dozens of critical low-level, permissively-licensed OSS libraries across a wide spectrum. Visit our GitHub profile to see some of the work we maintian.

If you are able to comply with the AGPL v3 and provide the public with access to the complete source code for your website/service under any AGPL v3 acceptable terms (which includes MIT, GPLv3, and Apache 2), then you may use all ImageResizer plugins for free under the terms of the AGPL v3.

Index of licenses

Top questions from our Sales FAQ

Q: Do licenses expire?
No, even support contracts include permanent licenses. Unless you have a support contract, you will have to pay to upgrade when a new major version is released.
Q: Can I buy plugins individually?
No — they're designed to work together. Plugins can only be purchased in the editions you see here.
Q: Can I upgrade from one license to another?
Our permanent, offline license keys can't be changed, which makes this impossible. We encourage you to select a license appropriate for your future needs when possible.
Q: What can I use for free?
The Essential Edition and all sample projects. Check your diagnostics page to verify you're not using any paid/AGPL3 plugins.
Q: Do you have a redistribution/integration guide?
Yes, we do have information on redistributing and integrating ImageResizer.